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Where We do Business

Trade Interlink manages and partners with global manufacturers.
Looking to make products in the USA? Vietnam? China? We have arrangements with top suppliers the world over so that your supply chain runs efficiently and cost effective regardless of the location you choose.


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With partnerships in the Chicago area, we use the most advanced forward looking facilities that focus on USA quality, paired with competitive Global Pricing and Labor Saving Automation. We provide Engineering, Product Management, Tooling, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain services in the United States.
Is your product right for Vietnam? Let our team help you decide, giving you real insight into the lay of the land. We provide Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services in Vietnam.
It’s the hub of global manufacturing, but can you navigate its treacherous waters? We provide On Site Project Management, Engineering, Tooling, Manufacturing and Supply Chain services in the Peoples Republic of China.

IP and Patents

Illustration 10Worried about your IP and Patents in a world of globalization? Trade Interlink knows that your patents and IP are valuable – not just for you, but to your competitors and entrepreneurs looking for an easy return. We make patent and IP protection a top priority when dealing with our suppliers, toolers, engineers, and supply chain partners, regardless of their location in the world. Patents that we have locked down have NEVER been stolen by other manufacturers looking to expand their line.

We give open and honest advice to our customers about the strengths and weaknesses of their intellectual property – how we can lock it down further.  We don’t allow factory tours or visitors while your products are produced, and we use utmost care in concealing key proprietary items within the workers that produce them.

Industries We Have Serviced


Illustration 19-OfficeOffice Products


Illustration 18_Food & Beverage-Food and Beverage


Illustration 17-BicycleBicycling


Illustration 15-FilmEntertainment


Illustration 16-CosmeticCosmetics


Illustration 14-MusicMusical Instruments


Illustration 20-Home ImprovementHome Improvement Illustration 12_ToyToys Illustration 13-CraftCraft and Hobby


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